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Planning Application

We have a dedicated in-house planning team who handle our producers’ planning applications. We are extremely well placed to deal with all the legal and planning issues that may arise during the course of your planning application.

Although an egg production unit is an agricultural building they do have a relatively large footprint. A 16,000 bird unit for example is approximately 116m x 18m, with a height to eaves of 2.4m and 5m to the ridge.

An application for planning permission to construct a unit must be handled sensitively which begins with the positioning of the unit on your land, which is a balancing exercise between compliance with planning legislation, ease of build, consideration of the operational requirements of a working unit and bird welfare.

The bird welfare and labour requirements to manage one of our units generally justifies the submission of an application for accommodation for use in association with running the egg production unit.

Ordinarily the permission granted will be to site a temporary dwelling. Once your unit has been in operation for normally 3 years and the viability of the unit has been proven, an application for a house can be submitted. All of our producers who have initially been granted permission for a temporary dwelling have been successful in gaining permission for a house.

Our planning team specialises in applications for free range egg production units and associated dwellings. This experience is reflected in our success rate of obtaining planning permission on over 95% of applications submitted.

When you are granted planning permission it will be subject to conditions which must be satisfied before construction can begin or before your first flock of birds is delivered. We can deal with the satisfaction of any conditions for you.